Costumier, model, MC, burlesque performer, cabaret singer and DIY Queen, LadyHart wears many hats - both literally and figuratively. Known for her incredible handmade headpieces, costumes and accessories; LH is a creative powerhouse to be reckoned with.

The eccentric and majestic LadyHart is Australia's inaugural DIY Burlesque Queen 2019, taking out the title with her incredible "Dressed to Kill" routine. Literally blowing up the crowd with prop bombs, TNT and a glitter cannon, LadyHart showed the nation how DIY is done and has been living up to her title ever since.

Now producing DIY tutorials, 'Make Do and Mend' content, costume videos and more; LadyHart's incredible talent to turn anything into a bespoke costume or accessory adds a truly gobsmacking element to all her burlesque routines. 

With looks to make a dead man stare and a wicked sense of humour to boot, LadyHart commands the stage and makes sure you have no idea what she's about to pull out next. 




26TH SEPT 2020


Witness incredible feats of dance, entertainment, empowerment and sexiness performed by Stone Cold Fox Burlesque students, instructors and soloists and our two special guest acts, LadyHart & The Colonel.

Experience the decadent costumes with a eerie gothic inspired vintage / old world aesthetic and be transported to a world of dark beauty and emotion. Be prepare to feel with the dancers, to be entertained and to experience “The Dark Circus”.
Hosted by LadyHart


5TH DEC 2020


Heading to Melbourne for the 2nd Australian DIY Burleskoala competition and awards, competitors must put together an entire routine and head to toe costume for under $100. Join Head Koala Mae De La Rue and DIY Burlesque Queen LadyHart for a night of burlesque, invention and astoundment. 





Due to the Covid-19 pandemic's closing of all pub and club venues, Trivia with LadyHart for King's Poker and Quizmeisters is currently on hold for the time being. Updates will come as soon as there is news and LH looks forward to bringing you Tuesday and Wednesday night entertainment once again.




LadyHart Hartbreaker shirts are here! Featuring the fabulous artwork of Darthem123,

you can now tell the world you came to drink milkshakes and break hearts... and you're all out of milkshake!


Join our Hartbreaker crew, get your Hartbreaker shirt here!  



As every headpiece is unique, a rough guide to headpiece commission prices are provided below, divided by size and features.
Past work images and videos are available on Facebook and Instagram.
Payment options are extremely flexible; you can either pay the full price upfront, or pay it off over time.
I accept Paypal, Beem It, Stripe, direct bank transfer, or cash.

Regular updates will be provided to you as your commission is made with photos and videos.

Ready made items are available in LadyHart's online store.

Custom work is also available for:
Pasties, Lingerie, Costume Accessories (such as puppets, matching pieces to your costume etc), Apothecary Items

Rhinestoning, Event Poster Design, Website Services, DIY Costume Workshops (coming soon)

Performer Bio & Content Services, Upcycling of Costumes.

If you've got an idea, I will figure out a way to bring it to life!





Guide: $50 - $100

Styles include:

  • Mini top hats

  • Mini cocktail hats

  • Flapper headbands

  • Small showgirl headbands

  • Basic fascinators

Guide: $200 - $300

Styles include:

  • Styles over 10cm in height

  • Mid sized headbands

  • Mid sized hats or fascinators

  • Flapper headbands

  • Provide your own materials

Guide: $300 +

Styles include:

  • Styles over 20cm in height

  • Large sized hats or fascinators

  • Concept work 

  • Premium materials

  • Heavy rhinestoning




Sydney, NSW Australia

LadyHart is available for inter and intrastate travel provided travel expenses are covered.
Available for hosting, burlesque performances, trivia nights, photo shoots, video and more.

Please get in touch to discuss rates.



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