• Paige Hart

Foo Foo Steals The Show

On Wednesday night; I gathered Alana, Mae and Sugar Derramar (who play Gemma, Candy and Foo Foo respectively in the film) at the Royal Exchange Hotel in Marrickville; and boy did we make a scene! We found the quietest corner in the pub and just went for it. Sugar was even wearing this stunning full sequin hot pink gown and acting for me. Honestly, I am so so blessed to be amongst people who go along with my wild ideas! It was also Sugar's birthday, and we didn't know until the day before! Our shoot turned into an impromptu mid-week birthday party. We had dinner, drinks and cake, photos; it was lovely!

Sugar is someone I have a lot of time for and someone I consider prolific. Her and I have deep talks about the darker sides of life whenever we're driving together, and I always hope the advice from my wild past is helpful to her. I always feel like you need people you can go deep with and be vulnerable together. To be able to say "I'm scared" and have someone completely understand that is important. Don't get me wrong, Suggs and I always seem to end up in some hilarious situation together and bizarre situations are my forte. It's almost like our chaos energies combine and we're just along for the ride. Whether it be searching for tea halfway through a wedding; emergency costume fixings or planning a coup; guaranteed that story will have Sugar by my side. We've also worked together for many years now, I've performed in many of Sugar's shows and I feel like we've been all over the state together being photographed or performing. Getting to see her acting chops though is a moment I will truly treasure during this entire experience. Not laughing whilst Mae played Sugar and Sugar played Mae was an experience I cannot wait for everyone to see the other side of.

Filming with Mae and Alana is always a delight because they always have so many ideas to throw in, we spend the entire time laughing and just enjoying each others company. I've felt really blessed being able to combine my love of "doing stuff" with my friends, I guess it's just the way I communicate best; where I'm in my element. I told the girls this on Wednesday, thinking "Oh no, they will think that I don't like hanging with them unless we're "doing a thing", and it's usually, selfishly, my thing". Instead, I received back so much love and how excited everyone was to be a part of whatever I was making. The anxieties I had didn't even register. Alana even let me know she loves socialising in this way too, and that it's a bonus to create something AND hang with your friends.

Back to the filming side, 1/3 of the film is now completely filmed and edited! I am planning my next moves as there's a few big days coming up; and a few fiddly scenes to take care of in the meantime. I need to properly sit down and try to find somewhere to film the theatre scenes, I'm mostly in the "projecting what I need to the universe" part of this step!

Should be a string of solo scenes coming up, before the next big day; but I'm so happy with how everything is chugging along. I'm still excited for every scene, excited to see so many people after Covid and collaborate with them. This movie is turning into a beautiful time capsule for all of us, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

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