• Paige Hart

Rebel With A Cause

My heart was absolutely overfilled with love yesterday, I got to travel to Penrith and the Blue Mountains to film my Westie burlesque family and make some new friends with the extras as well!

We started the morning at Stone Cold Fox Dance School in Penrith, shooting Scene 6 "Rebel Steps In". Rebel RRRiot is played by the amazingly talented and prolific Porcelain, who I've had the absolute pleasure of working with for years now. She is one of my absolute favourite humans on this entire planet, and I just let her do her thing; it's actually the first time I've filmed 7 solid minutes of someone, because she was just so in character, I just let the scene play itself out. It was incredible to watch and I can't wait for everyone to see this part in particular just for her spectacular acting.

We were joined by the glorious Debbie Does and Whiskey Halliday, both of who I adore, both of who played the alternative burlesque girls to a T! I've also never seen so many high kicks in my life, I'm imagining there are plenty of sore bodies today!

The fun didn't stop there! Aftering wrapping Scene 6, we drove up the Mountain to Blackheath Cemetery and filmed the second half of Scene 2, the funeral scene. My favourite thing about Mountain folk is how into it they get, I had one wonderful extra, Tina; throw herself onto the ground dramatically wailing, truly spectacular. I had another enter the funeral having travelled in the boot of a car. These were organic ideas shared between the group we then made happen.

And to me, that is the very definition of beauty. To be around happy, incredible, understanding people who can take my ideas and push them even further. Ideas are bulletproof, and with friends and creativity around us all, those bulletproof ideas grow and bloom towards the sun in the most unimaginable ways. What a spectacular day yesterday was. I can't wait to start editing these ones!

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