• Paige Hart

Still going!

Just a quickie update! After a very painful month's break where I was itching to get filming, the universe was not having it as we were bombed with rain for weeks here in NSW. Two Friday's ago, we were finally able to film the glorious Ophelia Sass's solo scene, to which of course; many antics followed; including me making Ophelia crawl commando style, and run down the street in PJs and a face mask! She truly is a champion and a natural actress!

Emmeline Spankhurts filmed her parts for the trailers this weekend and I've spent this morning editing them together for the cast to fill in their parts. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the main cast come up with for their parts.

If all goes to plan, I'll be filming another quick scene this coming Thursday; I've put off the bigger scenes for now as now everything has opened up after Covid, we're all getting booked so scheduling is everywhere! I'll tackle all the smaller scenes left and then regroup for the biggies :)

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