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Sylvia Silver's Big Scene

Yesterday afternoon, Mya Mercury and I filmed her scene at my house. Mya and I have been working together for about 5 years now and she's definitely one of my muses. Actually, I pull Mya into pretty much every single project of mine, not only because she's gorgeous, hilarious and likes metal music; but because we have such a history; it means we just understand how the other works and can get it done really quickly. We shot the entire thing in half an hour! I was also about to edit it within about 5 or so hours; Mya always knows what's she's doing with her body to what I'm seeing in my head and connects the two just flawlessly; so it's really easy for me to edit as we just flow so well.

Originally, I had it planned that the music for this scene was going to be an instrumental version of "Old Town Road" - a throwback to one of Mya and I's early burlesque routines together (she plays my horse!) I thought it would be a lovely lend to our past but when I played back the scene; the fit just wasn't right. I've had to musically compromise with myself a lot during this film because given a platform to share the music I love, of course I want it to be metal/punk/alternative. But, that can wait for another project; it's definitely a soundtrack I want to return to. I also had originally planned for the entire film to be silent, but as the character development and plot line grew, that just wasn't going to be feasible. But I really wanted to put a non-talking scene in the film as a homage to that original idea so I wrote Silvia's character as "being so beautiful she doesn't even have to speak"; and voila! My silent scene!

The music I ended up picking for this scene is because of a little burlesque in joke in communities all around the world - the idea of the overused song! The version I picked actually fit the scene without ANY clipping so I figured it was meant to be, watched it back and sure enough; it just worked. The scene is almost like a little arthouse, silent film within its own right so I love that it turned out in that way.

Rebel RRRiot (Porcelain)'s Scene will be filmed next Saturday and I certainly won't be compromising on the music for that scene! Stay tuned, project watchers xx

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